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Build a Lexus in Tampa Bay

By choosing a new Lexus for your Town 'N' Country drives, you’re already getting a vehicle that’ll turn heads wherever you go. However, if you want to stand out even further with a unique vehicle, consider learning how to order a Lexus through our dealership. We can help you build a Lexus in Tampa bay so that you can configure it exactly to your liking.

Although Lexus offers a wide range of color combinations and features on many Lexus models, it can be difficult to narrow down your search for the exact Lexus model with the right specifications and amenities for your Brandon lifestyle. However, when you custom order a Lexus, you can choose the exact setup you need for your adventures. Order a Lexus with Lexus of Tampa Bay today and you won’t be let down!

Custom Order a Lexus With Our Vehicle Configurator

When you work with our team to custom order a Lexus, you’ll find that the experience can be done from the comfort of your own Riverview home. Not only can we help you order a Lexus at home but we can also start your vehicle trade-in experience from home as well. We know you’ve got a busy schedule so we’re doing what we can to ensure you can complete as much as you can online so when you visit our dealership, it’s a seamless and quick experience.

By custom ordering your Lexus, you can avoid the search for a vehicle that might fit your needs and you won’t have to worry about anyone else purchasing your ride. Your custom-ordered Lexus is meant just for you, so get started on the experience today. Here’s how to utilize our vehicle configurator to custom-build your Lexus:

  1. Find the Lexus model that suits your needs the best.
  2. Explore the different trim levels available and their prices.
  3. Discover the different powertrains as many Lexus models may offer more than one to choose from.
  4. Choose your favorite color combinations. Just remember certain exterior colors might not be available with specific interior colors and vice versa.
  5. Select extra options or features you may find useful.
  6. Examine your order summary and opt for your next steps if you’re ready to move forward.

Build a Lexus in Tampa Bay With Our Team

Lexus of Tampa Bay is here to help you with your new Lexus purchase. Contact our team to learn about your next steps or visit us in Tampa if you need any assistance in person!