How to Check Car Oil

Auto Mechanic Checking Oil

Without the recommended amount of healthy motor oil in your vehicle, you’re going to be risking anything from serious internal damage to overheating on your commute into Town 'N' Country. Knowing how to check your oil level is vastly important, and the service team at Lexus of Tampa Bay is here to teach you how, step-by-step!

How to Check Oil Level in Car Engine’s

In some newer vehicles, you won’t ever need to check the oil manually – an electronic oil monitor can do the job for you. That said, plenty of vehicles still use the traditional dipstick, which means you’ll be following these easy steps to check the oil yourself:

  • Park on level ground, then make sure the engine is turned off and left to cool completely.
  • Pop open the hood and find the dipstick. If you haven’t done this before, simply look for a loop or grip at the top of a metal stalk.
  • Pull the dipstick from the oil reservoir, then wipe away any residual oil before reinserting it completely.
  • Remove the dipstick again and check where the oil level reaches. Your dipstick should have either two marks or a cross-hatched area to indicate whether there’s either too little or too much oil.
  • If the level is below the bottom mark or under the cross-hatched area, you should add more oil.

How to Add More Oil to Your Vehicle

Need to add more oil before setting off safely around Brandon or Riverview? Simply follow these steps:

  • Buy the grade recommended in your owner’s manual.
  • Remove the oil cap from the engine oil reservoir.
  • Add a little at a time, repeating the process you used before to check the level until you’ve reached the proper amount. Don’t go overboard and add too much at once – getting oil out is trickier than getting it in!

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